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GBirthday is a birthday reminder application that helps you to remember your evolution contacts' birthdays.
It puts an icon on notification area which will blink when there is any of your contacts' birthday today. You can also check if there is any of your contacs' birhday on next days.

GBirthday is a linux aplication designed to work on a gnome or xfce environment, but should work with kde if you're working with evolution as contact manager.

GBirthday is just a kbirthday's clone, designed to work with gnome and evolution.

GBirthday's source is based on by Axel Heim and pygtk-demo Status Icon by Nikos Kouremenos. (I know it's sad, but I must ask forgiveness, 'cause it's my first attempt with python and with gtk, I just has a little programming knowlege in other languages and there was a lot of years I don't write code.)

GBirthday was released under General Public License

GBirthday was wrote with python and pygtk, but I'm sure you have already installed all need packages if you're already working with gnome or xfce.